Precinct Changes

Recently the Douglas County Clerks Office has made changes to the number of precincts in the county. Below  is information that may help you understand how the new precincts are structured. Click on the Redist links to view the PDF.

This is the summary explanation of the attachments

  • redist1: Cover Letter.
  • redist2: Explanation of merged precincts.
  • redist3: Explanation of merged precincts.
  • redist4: Explanation of merged precincts.
    • Wonder what they did with precinct 71 and 72?
  • redist5: This shows the precincts that were merged together by precinct.
  • redist7: This shows adjoining precincts.
    • Remember when you run for PCP you can run only in the precinct you live in or an adjacent one.
    • If you live in precinct 3 you can only run in precinct 1, If you live in precinct 4 you have nine (9) adjoining precincts that you can run in.
  • redist8: Shows the number of precinct committeemen and committeewomen allowed in each precinct.

You can see maps of the precincts on the DC Clerks web site by clicking on this link. On left side of screen click on precincts maps. There are also maps at the Republican HQ. .

You should have received a new voter registration card if your precinct number changed. Some people received 2 cards and some didn't receive any. Call the Clerks office if you have not received yours at 541 430-4252.

Contact Info

HEADQUARTER - 663 S. E. JACKSON ST. ROSEBURG, OR   ***    (541) 673-5057   ***  


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