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Oregon Republican Party Supports Second Amendment and Opposes Senate Bill 941 by host
ORP Opposes Senate Bill 941
Oregon Republican Party Supports Second Amendment and Opposes Senate Bill 941

Wilsonville, OR – The Oregon Republican Party strongly opposes Senate Bill 941, legislation that would require the registration of private gun sales, enforced through excessive penalties, including heavy fines and mandatory jail time.

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Republican Senator sounds alarm - Democrats in Salem underfunding Education - Why? by host
Democrats underfund Education
Republican Senator sounds alarm - Democrats in Salem underfunding Education to force tax increases?

Will Democrats in Salem underfund Education to spend on other things and force a tax increase?
Watch this video to find out.


Chair Bill Currier on KATU News talking about the future of Oregon Republican Party by host
ORP Chair on KATU News
Chair Bill Currier on KATU News talking ORP's future


Chairman Bill Currier appeared with GOP guest panel on KATU News Show
Your Voice Your Vote: The future of Oregon Republican Party
which aired March 9th 2015

Congratulations to the State Party Officers Elected Feb 28th by host
Congratulations to State Party
Congrads State Party Officers Elected Feb 28th

From left to right - Vice Chair Tyler Smith, Treasurer Ken Taylor, Secretary Chris Barreto, and Chairman Bill Currier.

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A Little History by KatheyLinn
The Governor Must Resign by host

The Oregonian, through its online arm, Oregon Live, asked for the Governor of the State of Oregon to resign.

It's about time. Oregonians expect their laws to be made and executed for the good of the people of Oregon, not for the personal benefit of certain elected officials or their girlfriends.Governor Kitzhaber

What's nearly as bad is the complicity of the media in all of this. Nearly every paper in the state endorsed Governor Kitzhaber back in October, just prior to the election. Much of the basics of this story was known. We've since filled in a few details and added a few numbers, but at the time these media organizations were making their endorsements, they knew -- or should have known -- these facts.

Yet, even as the state's largest daily (are they still a daily?) asks for Governor Kitzhaber's resignation, they offer no remedy should he fail to do so. At this point, the Attorney General is no less complicit if she does not open a real investigation or appoint a special counsel.

It's been said many times before, but maybe it needs to be said again. "If a Republican had done these things..."

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Legislative Republicans Call On House Speaker And Senate President To Suspend Low Carbon Fuel Standard Discussion From Session Calendar by host

Legislature Should Not Move Forward With Policy To Raise Costs For Oregon Families During Ethics Investigation

Governor Kitzhaber

Salem, OR – Legislative Republican leaders today called for House Speaker Tina Kotek and Senate President Peter Courtney to suspend any discussion of Low Carbon Fuel Standards from the session calendar due to recent allegations that Cylvia Hayes received a $118,000 payment for her role in promoting a Low Carbon Fuel Standard policy for the state of Oregon.

“I watched the Governor’s press conference today,” said House Republican Leader Mike McLane. “He indicated that the Ethics Commission will answer whether Cylvia Hayes violated law by being paid by private interests to advocate policy changes to the Governor. Ms. Hayes received payments to influence the Governor on, among other things, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program overseen by the Department of Environmental Quality. SB 324 will, in effect, implement this controversial program permanently. Due to the investigations on the conflict of interest and the many unanswered questions that remain, SB 324 can no longer be evaluated on merit alone. Therefore, the Legislature must suspend our work on SB 324 until the Ethics Commission's work and all investigations are completed.”

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No Second Chance by host

Governor Kitzhaber

In the last legislative session your gun rights held on by a thread. Many bad bills never made it to the floor of the legislature because the Democrats who were in control then knew that they didn't have enough votes -- in many cases, just by one vote.

This session the numbers are even worse.

This is the time when your action is needed most. We need to keep up the pressure, light up the phones, fill the email boxes, max out the rallies and let our politicians know the meaning of "...shall not be infringed." There are several opportunites to get involved so don't miss out on your chance.

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Oregon Citizens' Lobby is Back by host

Governor Kitzhaber

Do you think that nobody speaks for you in Salem? Do you think all lobbyists are bad? You might want to think again. A group called Oregon Citizens’ Lobby (OCL) has created an effort to lobby on behalf of plain old Oregon citizens. Oregon Citizens Lobby employs a system where bills are analyzed based on five core principles: fiscal responsibility, local control, free markets, limited government and personal choice and responsibility. With a long session getting ready to start in a couple of months and Republicans being badly outnumbered, these principles are going to need all the champions they can get.

The results of this analysis is presented on a site called Track Their Vote. Here, you can look up your individual State Representative or State Senator and see how they voted on each issue. You can also see how they rank against their peers, within their chamber. Nowhere else can voters get this kind of information on their legislators. With literally thousands of bills being considered each session, this site presents each legislator’s activity in a simple format.

One of the great things about Oregon Citizens’ Lobby is that you don’t have to live in Salem to participate. Much of the activity is web-based. If you do live within commuting distance of Salem, you can participate in the War Room – it’s held each Thursday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Capitol. The War Room provides opportunities for all levels of advocates: From those just learning, to passionate analysts, to seasoned veterans ready to roll up the sleeves and testify at a hearing. Even those who just want to watch are welcome.

Contact Oregon Citizens’ Lobby if you are interested.

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Fall Closure by host

Goodbye, bumper sticker.

We both knew when this started that this was going to be a tough battle for name recognition. You sure did your part, up and down the highways, at stop lights and in various parking lots up and down the state. We saw a bunch more just like you as we traveled around this state. Who knows how many eyes saw you and asked "Who is Dennis Richardson?" or said "Go, Dennis!".

Dennis Richardson Bumper Sticker You don't look as crisp as you did when I put you on. Back then you had a shiny white background and your green letters were a bold forest green. Now your white background is cracked, your green letters are UV faded to a sickly pale blue -- all covered with a general election season's worth of road grime.

In a way, you still look good, though. Like a sage old man who has stood for what is right in the face of all manner of political correctness. You can be proud of your scars and blemishes.

I'm going to peel you off now. Your work is done. You'll make room for another candidate in 2016 -- or heck, maybe even earlier, if we get some good ballot measures.

Goodbye, bumper sticker. You were a beacon of hope for Oregon.


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