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Dennis Richardson Unveils Oregon Reboot Plan by host

State Representative and candidate for Governor Dennis Richardson has unveiled the first cut of The Oregon Reboot - a plan that will reboot Oregon's economy, reform its education system, and restore trust in state government.

The first leg of the plan deals with rebooting Oregon's struggling economy. Oregon has endured 18 consecutive years of unemployment higher than the national average. Last month, as the U.S. economy continued to improve, Oregon's unemployment rate actually ticked up to 7.2 percent.

Dennis Richardson

Here's the plan:

Equal Pay for Women

Our current governor believes that appointing a committee to study the issue of pay equity will solve the fact that his office pays women only 79¢ for every dollar he pays men. My office will lead by example and make sure everyone is paid equally for equal work. (My wife and 8 daughters know, as Governor I won’t need a study to tell me women should receive equal pay for equal work.)

Lt. Governor Focused on International Trade

Out of my office budget, I will appoint a Lieutenant Governor focused on cultivating international relationships and operating trade offices in Oregon’s top export countries.

Medical Pioneers

In the same way Oregon has rejected Federal authority over medical marijuana, we will enable terminally ill patients the freedom to access medical discoveries not yet approved by the FDA, when such medicines have been researched, developed and manufactured in Oregon.

Coal on the Columbia It’s time to resurrect energy exports from this Governor’s job growth graveyard. The Morrow Pacific project will allow for environmentally responsible, closed-container coal exports out of Oregon ports. The project will bring $242 million in infrastructure investment to the state, create over 3,000 jobs, many of which will be union jobs, and provide $800,000 per year in self-assessed taxes to benefit local schools.

Moving Products and People

We need to create a 2015 transportation infrastructure package starting with highest priority shovel-ready or STIP projects. Instead of squandering millions and lining the pockets of political cronies while planning for a bridge that never gets built, the Richardson administration will target priority-based projects identified as those with highest need and greatest payoff. I also believe we need to invest in a long term transportation project like the creation of an East-West interstate highway from Coos Bay to Ontario.

Water for Food and Jobs

Without harming fish, we can draw a part of Oregon’s share of Columbia River water to irrigate 30,000 acres of new farmland, creating 1,400 new jobs.

Fighting the Feds for Healthy Forests and Communities

The Governor is a state’s greatest asset in lobbying the Federal government. I will take the lead in bringing a Western States coalition of Governors to go before Congress, the President and National Media to demand sustainable timber harvests on Federal land. I will not sit idly by and watch our state’s economy and environment continue to go up in flames.

Learn more about Dennis Richardson here

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RNC Announces "Principles for American Renewal" by host

Yesterday, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus delivered remarks on the GOP's "Principles for American Renewal," which outline the core ideas driving the Republican Party and policy makers. The principles unite Republicans as a party and demonstrate the commitment the party has for better leadership in America.

Reince Priebus made the following remarks during the unveiling:

"Republicans across the country have the ideas to get Americans back to work and to get our country back on the right track, and these eleven principles are a good tool to ensure our ideas become a reality. Election Day is only 33 days away, and it is important that the party, now more than ever, inform voters of the difference between the Obama agenda and responsible solutions for our country."

Priebus Oregon Republican Party Chairman, Art Robinson agreed with Priebus, stating the following:

"These principles cover 11 key topics: jobs, spending, health care, our veterans, national security, education, poverty, values, energy, immigration and, most importantly, the Constitution. These are the things that most voters are concerned with, as opposed to the radical agenda that Barack Obama and the Democrats are trying to ram down our throats. The principles unify every local and state party across the country and signify a solid stand against President Obama's declared mission to 'fundamentally transform America'.

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Oregon's Measure 91 And Out-Of-State Money by host


Americans do not like to be manipulated, deceived or misled, whether it has to do with buying a car, a house, choosing a candidate for office, or casting an informed vote. Just such a deception will occur in the Measure 91 Campaign promoting recreational use of marijuana, and the people of Oregon will again be the victims of big money special interests.

One example of that deception is found in New Approach Oregon's claim that 12,808 people were arrested for marijuana-related crimes in Oregon in 2012. That claim is patently FALSE and misleading.

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Why I am a Republican by host

Sharon DayEvery day, our College Republicans continue to do a great job of reaching out to their fellow millenials to share why they should be Republican. Their well thought out strategy has included doing survey research, focus groups, town halls and video messaging.

As leaders in our party, I want to share with you their latest video. You may view it here.

But to be honest, just watching this video is not enough…we need to use our social media contacts to get their message out so please share this video on your facebook, twitter, pinterest and with any and all lists you may have.

Also, make sure it’s posted on your State Party website to show that our Republican Party has not lost the trust of the millenials. The more people see what the Republican Party has to offer…especially to young people…and in their voices…the better our chances will be for victory not just in November, but victory for our country’s future.

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Don't Mess with the Current Party System. Vote NO on 90. by host

The Top Two Primary is an attempt to limit the ability of voters to have a say in who represents them. It shuts out minor parties and forces voters to choose from just two major party candidates in the fall election.

Oregon has a rich history of “minor” political parties that provide a voice for voters who don’t identify with either of the two major political parties. These parties cover the full spectrum of political opinions. Since the founding of our state, voters have been able to choose from a diverse list of parties and candidates on their General Election ballots.

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No Costly Food Labeling. NO on 92. by host

Measure 92 is a costly and unreliable food labeling measure that will appear on Oregon’s November 2014 statewide ballot. It would mandate complex new food labeling regulations in Oregon that don’t exist in any other state. Measure 92 would unfairly hurt our state’s farmers, cost Oregon taxpayers millions, and increase grocery costs for Oregon families by hundreds of dollars per year.

Despite these negative impacts, Measure 92’s flawed food labeling system would not do what it claims: It would not give Oregon consumers accurate or reliable information about which foods actually contain “genetically engineered” (GE) ingredients and which don’t. Corn

Measure 92 is so badly written it won’t tell consumers what’s in their food. In fact, two-thirds of the food and beverages sold in Oregon would be exempt from the labeling requirement. Many other foods would have to be labeled even if there are no GE ingredients in them, while thousands of products would be exempt even if they contain or are made with GE ingredients. All these exemptions and poorly written requirements would provide consumers inaccurate and unreliable information about our food.

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No Driver Cards for Illegal Aliens. Vote NO on 88. by host


You might remember that last year, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill which would grant official driver cards to persons who cannot prove legal presence in the U.S. Oregonians for Immigration Reform got out the clipboards and was successful in gathering enough signatures to put the bill before voters for a Yes or No vote in the November 2014 general election. Caution

Citizens will have the opportunity to overturn SB 833 by voting NO on Ballot Measure 88, and the result will be that illegal aliens will not be accommodated with official driver cards.

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No Driver Cards for Illegal Aliens. Vote NO on 88. by host

You might remember that last year, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill which would grant official driver cards to persons who cannot prove legal presence in the U.S. Oregonians for Immigration Reform got out the clipboards and was successful in gathering enough signatures to put the bill before voters for a Yes or No vote in the November 2014 general election.


Citizens will have the opportunity to overturn SB 833 by voting NO on Ballot Measure 88, and the result will be that illegal aliens will not be accommodated with official driver cards.

Opponents claim that if illegal aliens could get official driver cards they could buy auto insurance, reducing the number of uninsured drivers that leave their victims with costly repair or medical bills.
Illegal aliens can buy insurance now - but, most often choose not to. If driver card holders had to buy insurance, don't you think the insurance companies would be all over this campaign as endorsers and financial supporters? They're not. New Mexico, which grants driver licenses to illegal aliens, continues to rank near the top of the list of states with the most uninsured drivers.

There is no way the DMV can accurately certify the identity of the thousands of illegal aliens who will apply for driver cards. Supporters of driver cards claim to have the support of Law Enforcement. But, the Sheriffs of Oregon and many others from several branches of law enforcement, including Border Patrol, have endorsed efforts to overturn this bad law and have thrown their full support behind the NO on 88 coalition. This law makes Oregon less safe.

It is more important now, than ever before, to require proof of citizenship or legal status with recent terrorist threats and the increase of illegal drug activity led by deadly Mexican drug cartels now operating in Oregon. Also illegal immigrants consistently constitute a high percentage of the criminal aliens in Oregon prisons.

Why is a no vote on Ballot Measure 88 important? Illegal immigration is a serious problem in the U.S. Neglect of enforcement of the immigration laws, over the past several decades as well as currently, has resulted in millions of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. without inspection, a dangerous situation from the standpoint of national security and public health.
For example, the 19 September 11 terrorists carried among them over 30 state driver's licenses and identification cards using over 300 aliases. These documents allowed them to obtain housing, transportation and other accommodations without raising suspicion while they planned and executed their deadly conspiracy that fateful day.

Accommodating illegal aliens invites more to come. Recent history clearly shows this.

Illegal immigration inflates the population, further burdening our already-stressed natural environment. It adversely affects the labor market and swamps our overburdened entitlement programs. Citizens are forced to compete with illegal aliens for jobs, causing significant unemployment and wage depression. Loss of respect for the rule of law grows as a consequence of such legislation. Observance of the rule of law is essential for a successful economy and a civil society.

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August Events by host

Training for Candidates - Friday, August 22 4-6 pm (see attached flier) - Wilsonville Holiday Inn
Central Committee Meeting and Banquet - Saturday, August 23 - Wilsonville Holiday Inn

Oregon GOP Countdown to Victory Banquet - Saturday, August 23rd - Wilsonville Holiday Inn
Sharon Day, Co-Chair Republican National Committee,  will be our featured speaker.
Private Reception and photo op in the Lewis and Clark Room 5pm
No Host Social Hour on the Terrace 5:30 pm

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September Events by host

September 17th - 7:00 P.M. at the King City Clubhouse.


Oregonians you are rich in wonderfully qualified, motivated candidates who are running for election this year both national and state offices!

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No events to display.

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