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August Events by host

Training for Candidates - Friday, August 22 4-6 pm (see attached flier) - Wilsonville Holiday Inn
Central Committee Meeting and Banquet - Saturday, August 23 - Wilsonville Holiday Inn

Oregon GOP Countdown to Victory Banquet - Saturday, August 23rd - Wilsonville Holiday Inn
Sharon Day, Co-Chair Republican National Committee,  will be our featured speaker.
Private Reception and photo op in the Lewis and Clark Room 5pm
No Host Social Hour on the Terrace 5:30 pm

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September Events by host

September 17th - 7:00 P.M. at the King City Clubhouse.


Oregonians you are rich in wonderfully qualified, motivated candidates who are running for election this year both national and state offices!

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Executive Committee opposes Ballot Measure 90: "Top Two Primary" by host

Oregon Republican Party Executive Committee Statement
Ballot Measure 90: The “Top Two Primary”

"Oregon voters decisively rejected this scheme six years ago. We, along with nearly every political party in Oregon, supported their decision then and oppose second guessing the voters now."

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Meet Jake - Dr. Monica Wehby's son by host

Jake knows that she has the type of dedication and leadership Washington D.C. needs.   Meet Jake

Oregon's candidates for Governor Dennis Richardson and his Opponent - KATU Debate July 18 by host

Watch the Debate in 4 parts here: KATU Gubernatorial Debate

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"Dr. Wehby may make a house call" - George Will by host

"Oregon's Monica Wehby may make a house call on the Senate" - The Washington Post/George F. Will

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Art Robinson is featured in World Net Daily by host

World Net Daily:  A Truly American future

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Republican Governor Victor Atiyeh Remembered by host

The Oregon Republican Party mourns the loss of Oregon’s great Republican governor, Victor Atiyeh. Throughout more than 30 years in Oregon politics, Vic made us proud to be a Republican.

Governor Vic Atiyeh

As governor in the 1980s, Vic opened up international trade for Oregon, and managed the state through one of Oregon’s worst economic downturns with skill and adherence to Republican principles.
Throughout his career, Vic worked to assist Republicans across Oregon at all levels of government. The Oregon Republican Party expresses its condolences to his wife Dolores and the entire Atiyeh family.
Vic Atiyeh will be remembered in Oregon history as one of the greatest governors of Oregon.

A public memorial service for Governor Atiyeh will be held at the Oregon State Capitol on Wednesday, September 3rd at 10:00 AM We will update as additional details become available.

Messages of condolance sent to the Oregon Republican Party will be forwarded to the family.


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What Do We Really Know about Global Warming? by host


Dr. Roy Spencer - Wednesday, July 9, 2014 keynote address:

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Think It Over ... ... by host

THINK IT OVER…… From the Prophets to the Gospels, we read many examples of conflicts between liberty and tyranny. These address freedoms of speech, travel, association, faith and even self-defense. Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Daniel and friends, Esther and her people, John the Baptist, Peter and Paul, all in some way vocally resisted tyranny to preserve liberty.

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